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Why Scheduling Your Schooling Is So Important

Do you have a daily and weekly timetable for your kid’s education?

Homeschooling offers many advantages to regular schooling, and one of those is having the flexibility to do what you want with your child when you want.

But without structure to the day, there is a good chance that you won’t get as much learning done as you would like.

Kids have a great way of passing time without actually achieving what you want unless you are continually supervising them.  Getting your child to focus and keep that focus is hard to achieve.

This is one aspect of school that is good for your child.  Having to turn up for school at a certain time every day and going to allocated classes at the right times will ensure that a predetermined amount of schooling is completed every week.

So when it comes to having a structure for your kid’s homeschooling, it is definitely recommended.

Start the day early and have a timetable mapped out for the week.  This will ensure that all subjects you feel are important are covered.

This does not all need to be on the computer.  Or out of books.  You can schedule in time to go shopping and teach monetary value.  Or you can have time set aside for going in the garden or going to the park.  Or to get stuck into their favourite book.

Set up a plan for your week and try it out.  You can always adjust it regularly to make improvements or add or remove subjects.

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