Most Powerful Time With Kids

What Would Be The Most Powerful Time Spent With Your Kids?

What do your children value most of all in this world?

Sure toys are nice. Playing with their friends is also enjoyable. But top of the list, I believe, is spending time with their parents. Let’s look in detail at what is the most powerful way to spend that time with them.

I understand that it is difficult sometimes to find the time to spend with your kids in this crazy busy world we live in. But it will have a huge positive impact on them, both in their intellectual wellbeing and also in their relationships with you, and with others as they become adults.

I am very keen to spend time with my kids with educational games such as Bananagrams or Chess. You can find blogs on educational games and product reviews on our website.

I am sure that you can feel their excitement at the thought of spending time with you. And their joy while you spend precious time playing their favourite games.

What is the most essential part of their childhood?

Relationships are important, manners are important, learning self-sufficiency is important. But top of the list has to be the education towards their future career.

How are they going to support themselves when they flee the nest? Will school have taught them enough practical skills to earn a good living when they can leave at 16. Or do you invest time and money in further education for a few more years in the hope that these additional skills will be relevant to the work that is out there?

What skills are most relevant right now and into the foreseeable future?

There is a major shift happening in the workforce. A lot of jobs that were considered safe only a few months ago are now heavily under threat, with further jobs being replaced by automation (shop clerks and bank tellers), artificial intelligence (office admin and secretaries), and overseas labour (accountants and graphic designers), too name but a few.

And any remaining jobs will be highly contested, driving the wages lower.

I am not writing this to scare you, but to give you an awareness of what is happening in the job market and what the future potentially holds for your kid’s career, and future quality of life.

Where does the most potential lie for current and future careers?

Before I tie this all together, here is a critical observation.

Internet usage has been climbing rapidly for years and has exploded since early 2019. With over 4 billion users now online, the potential for making money online is expanding at an equally mind-blowing rate.

No matter what your passion is, there is a huge potential audience to share it with. All the time that you are providing value through your online presence in whatever form you choose, your audience will grow and subsequently your potential income.

The internet is a growing part of everyone’s lives these days and is an integral part of our culture. Whether it is looking for solutions to problems, checking out the reviews of the latest gadgets, or buying your latest novel, the internet is the first place most will go to.

Pulling the above points together:

It seems pretty clear that anyone who is willing to learn digital skills that will enable them to leverage the internet and generate income from any of the plethora of online platforms, has the potential to create freedom for themselves and their family.

And for young men and women who have these skills in their back pocket will have a huge jumpstart in their careers as they will be able to generate income from such an early age. I wish that I had had these opportunities (and the right support) when I was working behind the counter at the local pharmacy at the age of 17.

You are probably familiar with a number of these online platforms as you likely frequent them at some time or other during the day from your smartphone or home (or work) pc. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, blog sites, and there are many others popping up all the time.

All of these platforms have a means to creating income, either directly or indirectly. It might be through selling products or services for commission, selling them directly, selling advertising space, or promoting your business to a wider audience.

Advertising is huge revenue for these platforms so they have simple and efficient tools to make your life as easy as possible once you become familiar with them.

I came to the realisation a few months ago that these online skills that I was learning had huge potential for my 10 and 12-year-old girls so I decided that I needed to spend time teaching these skills to them. Although they are relatively young, they are old enough to understand computers and begin to learn these skills.

By having first-hand exposure to these technologies, learning how to grow audiences on the various platforms, adding value to the lives of others, and most importantly learning how to be a producer on these platforms rather than being a consumer, they will have amazing opportunities as they progress through their teenage years.

These are very exciting times that we are living in and the opportunities are huge for those willing to take advantage of them.

If you are ready to make that commitment to learning these skills for the prime benefit of your child (or children), enter your contact details here and I will send you some free videos that will give you further information about this education.

Also, check out for many other free resources, games, puzzles, and more to boost your kid’s education.

Empowering your kids to reach their full potential,

Scott πŸ’›

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