Food stores

Hi there! Today I want to talk about making things to sell in stores. Basically you can make your own product or food and sell them for money. And if some stores think your good, they’ll buy from you to stick in their stores! Imagine having your own brand that (for example) makes strawberry flavoured …

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Hi there! Today I want to talk about coding and making video games. If you’re experienced in coding, then you could create your own game, no joke! All you would need is some money to get a game created like Unity. You can even earn TONS of money from just a simple, but exciting game! …

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Hi there! Yesterday I was animating! Animating is a fun way of drawing or 3D modelling. I used drawing, on Clip Studio Paint. It takes a while, but the finished project is usually stunning! This is one of the first animations I’m making, so it’s good practice. If you feel creative or love art, maybe …

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Building stuff

Hi there! Today I’m going to talk about building stuff! I guess I’ve been talking about making things in the past few days. There are tons of ways to build things. Constructing (making real-life buildings), modelling clay, building with lego’s or blogs and billions more! (Maybe I was exaggerating.) Anyways, building things, making things, can …

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