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Hi there! Today (like most days) I had some fruit. Having fruit daily is excellent to keep you healthy. You don’t need to have too much fruit, maybe just an apple or a banana. It’s ok if you have sweets and other sugary foods if you don’t have too much of it. Having some food …

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Hi there! Every day I do something around the house. Like wash up, chicken chores, clean up, put the clothes away. There’s tones of things that you could do to improve everyday life and make the house cleaner! Inbetween work, you can do the chores! Everything will look spectacular. Have a good day. Bye!


Hi there! Today my sister got her drawing tablet! There is a cool place you can get these: here! You can get these from XP-Pen, or even Wacom, to draw! I taught my sister some basic drawing stuff, but she got distracted easily, and always doubted her work, saying it didn’t look as good as …

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Preparing something

Hi there!!! Today I was having dinner with my family! Preparing something always makes someone happy that you organized (or prepared) something. Organizing an event even! You could prepare an event for some of you friends to come and hang out! That would be fun and would certainly make others happy. Be prepared! Bye!

Use your creative side

Hi there! Today I’m going to draw! And also write some ideas for a book. Think creative! There are tons of things you can do that are creative. There is crafts, arts (drawing, painting), writing, movie-making (or short films), building and more! Be creative about thinking about creative ideas. Have fun. Bye!

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