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Hey there! So today my sister and I were playing the Wii! It’s a pretty old game, not too old though. They game we were playing was released (?) 2007-2009 I think- When we played it, we would never get passed world 2. But recently we went passed it and we got to world 8! …

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Hey! SoI wanted to write about animation today! It’s AMAZING because I just have fun with it! I enjoy watching other peoples animations, but when it comes to me doing it, I lose motivation after a while :P. If you’re an artist, you may like animation! A simpler version (that may use editing more) is …

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Hey! So every day I practice the keyboard for 30 minutes. It’s fun when I play the little tunes 😛 . I have learned around 2-3 tunes! I think music is amazing because almost everyone enjoys music! So once someone is experienced enough to create their own little song, they can share it to the …

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