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Digital Art

Hi there! Today I want to do digital art. Basically, digital art is drawing or art on a device such as an iPad, iPhone or Laptop. The thing that is better about this is that you have unlimited colours, whereas you’ll only have certain pens or paint for different colours. I really love doing digital …

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Hi there! Today I decided to talk about art supplies. Some of you out there may not be artists, or create art, but I would like to talk about it. Some types of art are digital art and art on paper. Anyways, today I got my outlining pens and I was super excited to use …

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Hi there! Everyday in my schedule I do some sort of art. For example, I do musical, digital art/drawing and drawing on paper. I love drawing so much I even draw characters from a specific series I read. I love the final result and showing my friends who also do art. I loved art probably …

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