25th October 2021

So I'm going to have a mini-series of short stories, so I have some experience when writing my book. Enjoy!

Lime Bush

Characters: Amber, Agave

Setting: In a meadow with a few fruit trees

Amber plucked a ripe lime from the tallest branch then put it in her mouth to carry down. She climbed down the branches of the lime tree then leapt from the lowest branch. Soft grass tickled her feet. “Here, Agave, I think I found the perfect one! Look, just the right colour.” 

She walked over to Agave, her brother, who was up against an Apple tree, just a few tail-lengths away. She guessed he was trying to shake the tree so some apples would fall. Amber sat down and placed the lime in front of Agave. 

“It’s perfect for the lime juice, don’t you think?” Amber asked. Agave looked pleased and nodded. He held the lime in his hands to examine it. “Wow! You actually did! Good job.” 

Amber found a thick, short branch and started carving it into a cup with her claws. She found another one and carved it as well. After a few minutes, it was finished. Agave sliced open the lime and squeezed equal amounts into each cup. Amber rushed to a nearby stream and scooped some water into the cups. When she sat down beside Agave, she handed him one of the cups. 

“Thanks,” Agave said. They drank some of the lime juice and Amber saw Agave smiling. “Wow! This is great! We should make some more.” Amber agreed, she enjoyed juice a lot. She fetched some more limes and squeezed them into the cups, then scooped up some water from the stream. 

Agave walked over and grabbed his cup. “Thanks,” he said as he poured the juice into his mouth. Amber nodded. “We should go home now.” Agave looked uncertain but then nodded. “Ok.”


Uh- the end?

Sometime in 2020


In a small town, people started to think about why there were only shrimps sold at restaurants now. They lived on planet Neptune. They did not like the planet Uranus or Earth. The Earth seemed too bright and too close to the Sun. Uranus was really filthy and very smelly. Nothing seemed nice there. Even when they sent a robot, that they called, 'The Planet Robot', it didn't return. No one really knew why though. There was nothing to see what happened to the robot. Everything at the supermarket was meaty and pink. Vegetarians started eating the solid stone. It was quite sad. Some just started eating meat. It made them feel a bit sick.

A few days later, things got worse. The shrimps had gotten infected somehow and people who at it and bought it started to get sick and needed to go back home. One family had gotten it and stayed healthy, no one knew why. They didn't even know this family. This family was at the back of their town, which no one really went to. They had only come a few days ago after the shrimps came. They were solving why there were now shrimps everywhere. They came from Saturn. Neptune had no water, lakes, rivers,s streams, waterfalls, or anything else that had water. They had no sea creatures either, so why was there, SHRIMPS there?!





The people from Saturn knew what planet had caused this, Saturn people were space-like. So they traveled around space. (Most of the time.) And of course, they had practiced for going to other planets all the time. You ask how they know if there is anything bad happening in other planets? They are the only people in the universe that can see really close up just by thinking to do it. They figured out that if they could do that, then maybe they could secretly help out others. They were very kind and there was no reason to not help other people in other planets. They are very good at there job, mostly because they are always practicing. From their mini house at the end of the planets town, they could still see the other end of the village. The only problem was, how were they going to find out how to get rid of the shrimps without being seen and carry the shrimps somewhere? Well, there was only one place they could leave the shrimps.

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