Perhaps The Most Brain-Stimulating Word Game Out There

Word games are great to further your kid’s education while having fun, and fun for adults too.

Scrabble was the old favourite for word games.Β  Well it was when I was growing up many, many moons ago.

But Bananagrams is such a simple concept to play and has many advantages over Scrabble.

Each player starts with 21 letters to build their own words, forming their own word grid. Having more letters makes it easier to form longer, more substantial words.

It is a fantastic way for kids to learn new words, and test their cognitive skills in recollecting words they already know.

I really enjoy playing this with my kids, and they love it too.  It requires total focus with a little strategy.

I try not to make it competitive.  Obviously there is a winner, the first to use up their letters (there are rules for long and short versions of the game), but those who have finished can help the others complete their word grid.

This way, everyone gets to complete their word grid and feel accomplished.

Also, as the purpose of any word game is to also learn new words, you will find that your kids will guess at words or ask for assistance.  I allow them to use a new word but only if they can tell me what it means.

This encourages them to grab the dictionary and learn the meanings of any new words.  You can also ask them to write the new word down with its meaning to help them retain it.

This game has become a real hit in our household.  I highly recommend that you grab yourself Bananagrams.

You can check out what my daughter thinks of the game on our website here.

It is also a great gift for your kid’s friends.  It is far more educational and will get a lot more long-term use than most toys ever will.

Empowering your kids to reach their full potential,

Scott πŸ’›

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