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Is Chess The Best All-rounder For Your Kids?

Chess has been around forever. I remember playing this as a kid but regretably hadn’t played again until recently when I was teaching my kids.

It is a very powerful and addictive game. It really gets the brain cells working and requires absolute focus and concentration.

And it is amazing how quickly kids can pick it up. They soon learn to outplay and outsmart the average parent player like me.

Your kids can learn to play from about 5 years old, and the more practice they get, the better their ability to plan ahead and strategise. Any game that improves your kid’s brainpower and memory has to be a good thing.

So the more practice the better. But what are the best ways to allow your kids to entertain themselves when you are too busy, or they become too good for you?

Face to face has to be the best option wherever possible, either by playing with a parent, a sibling, or if you’re lucky, by joining a chess club at your local library.

There are also many online websites that allow them to practice at any time. I recommend keeping screen time to a minimum where possible, but if they are online, my favourite website is (you can find the link on our website here) where you are able to play a real person and not a robot.

If you don’t have a chess set in the house, you can pick one up at a local store, or buy one online here (this is an affiliate link to support this website).

You can also pick up a book to teach your kids the rules and strategies of the game here (this is an affiliate link also).

Empowering your kids to reach their full potential,

Scott πŸ’›

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