How To Make Learning Electronics Fun

Snap Circuits are an excellent way for your kids to build fun projects from a large number of predefined electronic circuits.  There are a huge number of different types of circuits ranging from very simple to extremely complex in the enclosed manuals.

All the pieces are modular and snap easily into place on the board.  Each component is on a separate module and the kit includes all manner of components from simple switches and resistors, to transistors, meters, motors, sound modules, and plenty more. 

There are a variety of different kits available so you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

This is a great birthday or Christmas gift that will entertain and educate your child for hours and hours.

I studied this subject at university so I find it very interesting.  This is a very practical way for your child to learn about electrical and electronic circuits in a robust form.  They will have a lot of fun learning from this and my daughter, who was given this for her 9th birthday, loves it.

What she enjoys most is the large variety of projects to choose from, and there is also a great feeling of accomplishment in building the circuit and then seeing it in action.

Although each project has a description of the purpose of the circuit, I recommend your child learns the fundamentals of electricity and electronics from a book at the same time so that they obtain a better understanding of how the electricity flows and how the various circuit components work.

If your child is creative and enjoys STEM, we highly recommend the Snap Circuits products.

Also, check out for many other free resources, games, puzzles, and more.

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