Bananagrams - This might be the best of the word creation and fun games ever, similar in concept to Scrabble...

Chess Online - is a great free website to play real people and learn chess strategies...

Snap Circuits   - a huge range of electronic circuit projects to educate your child in one box, as well as making extremely fun games...



Bananagrams is an exciting way to play with words. And it's based on bananas! It's amazingly fun and will make you great at finding new words! I personally enjoy this game and playing it with my family. I was so good at the game that I won on my first try!

This game is similar to Scrabble, but this game is a bit different. The aim of the game is to try to use all your letters up, you start with 21. I hope you have a brilliant time!

Dad's Tips -

There are a number of ways you can play the game.  We started with the shorter game to get the hang of it, but play the full game for maximum learning potential.

When the kids ask about words they don't know or are not sure about, those words are only allowed in the game if they know their meaning - having a quick check in the dictionary allows them to learn new words as they play.

Whoever finishes first can have fun helping the others use up their remaining letters so everyone gets that sense of achievement.

And this is a great educational birthday gift for friends and family.

<<  You can buy Bananagrams here*  >> website is an awesome FREE website that allows you to play chess with computers (bots), or real-life players!

Chess is a strategic game that allows you to concentrate and focus. If you spend enough time on here, you can become a pro!

I prefer to play games against real people because, well, they are real people 😁😋

Dad's Tip - There are many free Chess websites around but mostly you are only able to play against bots.  I prefer my kids to play real players using  The more playing time they have, the better they'll become!

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This is an excellent way for your kids to build fun projects from a large number of predefined electronic circuits.  There are a huge number of different types of circuits ranging from very simple to extremely complex.

All the pieces are modular and snap easily into place on the board.  Each component is on a separate module and the kit includes all manner of components from simple switches and resistors, to transistors, meters, motors, sound modules, and plenty more. 

There are a variety of different kits available so you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

This is a great birthday or Christmas gift that will entertain and educate your child for hours and hours.

Dad's Tip - This is a very practical way for your child to learn about electrical and electronic circuits in a robust form.  They will have a lot of fun learning from this and my daughter, who was given this for her 9th birthday, loves it.  She says that it is mainly due to the large variety of the projects, and the accomplishment of building each circuit and seeing it work.

Although each project has a description of the purpose of the circuit, I recommend your child learns the fundamentals of electricity and electronics from a book at the same time so that they obtain a better understanding of how the electricity flows and how the various circuit components work.

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