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The Swiss Family Robinson

Author: Johann Rudolf Wyss
Review By: Isabella (Age: 11 1/2)

Hi, my name is Isabella, and I will be sharing with you... my book review on The Swiss Family Robinson.

The Swiss Family Robinson is tremendously awesome. Why? Because this book can teach you about some of their discoveries and could help you with some plants or what they look like.

To me, this book was really enjoyable because the story never got boring. The people in the book were always doing something exciting. They regularly went on excursions and usually found something. Sometimes they would find food, or maybe an animal to keep as a pet. Other times they could have found both!

I will tell you a little bit about the story. So, the family is on board a ship and they need to leave the ship because they feel it is unsafe. The day after they leave the ship, the ship gets wrecked in a terrible storm, similar to the Robinson Crusoe book. After that, they take some of the goods from inside the ship and bring them back to the island. They make a shelter, find food, help some animals on the island and even make bread!

As an 11 yr old, there are a lot of hard words for me, so I had to look the words up, but that didn't prevent me from reading it.

This book is very entertaining and a great adventure. It has quite a few pictures, some about what they were doing, and others about their discoveries. If you get the book, you will know what will happen to them. Will they be okay and happily live there? Will they leave the island to go back home? Will they die from snakes or other vicious animals? :O

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