tHe BeNeFiTs

The good thing about Homeschooling is that you can work at your own pace, parents don't need to pay so much, you get taught better things/subjects, no distraction from other students, no time wasting going to assemblies or lining up to class, or other students being silly and wasting time, can tell the parents about what they are learning. These are the good things that don't happen with normal schooling at your school. If you are an independent worker and are good at working on your own, then this is good for YOU!

tHe DiSaDvAnTaGeS

Not everything is good about online schooling, but if you are fine with these, then you are good to go. One thing that is bad about online schooling, is that you can get lonely, and not socially do things with other people. You may feel sad or it may be hard because there is no one to help you really. If you have your parent helping you and staying with you (which they probably won't because they might need to do work, but parents, you can use THIS WEBSITE to get a job from home) or you have a friend doing homeschooling with you, then you are fine! The second thing is missing your friends/strategies the teacher uses with you. In Math, you might be really bad and you have a hard time with your learning. Your friend can help, but if you don't have someone helping you, then you will find it hard. Working in groups in school is good because it allows you to learn from others and can help you understand more. Let's just say that you had a sum like 4 x 8. Draw 8 groups of 4 / 4 groups of 8. You might think of it as (by the way this is an example, so you don't think like this) 8 + 4 or 8 - 4. You would get it wrong then. Helping learning from each other/partner/group can help you with your learning.


One good thing if you aren't sure whether to go and do homeschooling or not, you can do normal schooling, if you are free after school, you can do your homeschooling things too.

I hope you understand and have a great time!

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