What Is This About?

My Home School Project

How It Helps

Homeschooling is a better way of learning compared to conventional schooling. When you're homeschooled, things seem easier. This can help with your learning because at school, teachers don't have enough time to teach kids the detail of the subject, but at home, kids can work at their own pace and can't be distracted by students. You can get better grades faster because you don't need to waste more times going and coming to school, or talking to friends. It feels more fun... sitting in your favourite seat, and relaxing (while doing work). Anyways, I probably got carried away. It also cuts down how much time you spend with distractions at school, you walking or riding to school. You pay less money, well not you, your parents/whoever is looking after you. Your parents also get to see how your going without interviewing! Even if you don't see your friends anymore, you can still Face time them or visit each other.

What It Feels Like

Well, it really just feels peaceful, quiet and easier, like I have already said trillions of time (well not really...) nothings really too hard, you actually get to work at your own pace, without distractions, or somethings not working out for you, IT FEELS GREAT. (awesome, fantastic, splendid, etc.) In Maths, you can choose what you want to work on, not the teacher teaching you things that you think are not at your level of learning. Have Fun! (If you start home schooling). PS. I feel cool writing this stuff.

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