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Some Things That We Do


Some websites that make it W-A-Y easier for you to learn Math. If you think Math is one of your LEAST favourite subjects (not like me, I loved Math WAY before home schooling) then some websites can help you figure out the answer quicker. Home schooling Math feels easier without the teacher going to help other students and YOU need help. It's like having your own separate teacher, but on the computer (or whatever you use.)


If you never get time to read your favourite book, but you BADLY do, you have got enough time to. You can read books that will help you get money when your older (or now). If you want to read fantasy, romance, comedy, (etc.) then you have enough time! Read whatever you like. Even create your own if you want!

Writing Stories

Have any cool things in mind? You have enough time to write stories and write down those awesome ideas! Maybe you could publish it! You could write what it feels like home schooling. Or something else. Your choice.

Do You Want To Learn How to Easily Solve a Rubik's Cube?

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